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That new summer piercing NOW!

That new summer piercing you know you want this year, NOW is the time to get it and here are a few reasons why!

The Healing process, the piercing is done once the hole has been poked and jewelry put in. You have a 3-6 MONTH complete healing process.

That means no swimming pools, lakes, hot tubs, or bodies of water besides your bathtub and even then we advise against sitting in water with a fresh piercing.

Jewelry options after the healing process also open up the options to really make the piercing uniquely yours. While some piercings can be done with the users final wanted jewelry this is less common in the broad scheme of things and most preferred method for healing would be with a hypo-allergenic piece of surgical steel (which we provide with all of our piercings). Meaning your cute naval piercing is going to have a "plain" piece of jewelry in it until you have healed enough to change it, usually 6-8 weeks after piercing but the longer you wait the easier the heal process. Body piercings are a unique way of showcasing your inner persona to the outer world and society. Got a rad, or edgy side, a nose ring will come as the perfect accessory to accentuate that aspect of your character. If you’re more of the daring and confident type, then a labret or Prince Albert piercing (for males) might suit you. Whatever your needs are there’s always a piercing that fits.

And all January long we are offering $20 off any piercing!

That's right, walk in today and get 20$ off your next piercing, or call and book your appointment. We stop taking piercings after 5 P.M. for walkins!

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