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Utah opens its first Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Utah has officially opened its first Medical Marijuana Dispensary(Pharmacy) on March 2nd 2020. Dragonfly Wellness, at 700 S. State St., is the first "pharmacy" licensed by the state. As the ribbon was cut at Dragonfly Wellness, someone shouted: "Let's sell some weed!" "We can be confident the products that we are providing to our patients and our community are 100% safe," said Narith Pahn with Dragonfly Wellness

With an extremely rocky start we are now seeing the effects of the Prop 2 laws slow roll into effect. With two more dispensaries (pharmacies) set to open before the end of March and a possible fourth in April the idea of Utah and Marijuana are now starting to become a little less weird. "All of our hard work has paid off. Not fully. This isn’t the end," said Desiree Hennessy, the director of the Utah Patients Coalition, which sponsored Prop. 2. "This is the beginning, but we are seeing a beautiful beginning today."

Under the latest medical cannabis law, qualifying patients can obtain a recommend from a physician and purchase medical cannabis out of state or off the black market and avoid prosecution with an "affirmative defense letter." Those will expire by 2021. If qualifying patients do not register with the state by then, they cannot legally purchase in Utah and, if they buy out of state, would become someone in possession of marijuana (which is technically a misdemeanor crime).

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